Effortless Yoga

Easy to learn, Safe to do, Relaxing on the mind and body


Meridian Touch is something very special. And I don’t say that because I created it, I say it because right from the beginning I saw that this was something almost everyone needed, everyone could use, and everyone could do. I also saw that its usefulness was very deep and could touch people on so many different levels. I put the Meridian Touch system together while I was still in shiatsu school in New York City. At that time I was coming off of 15 years of hard training and sports activity. And although I had many great coaches, teachers and trainers, none of them were really very understanding of role of healing energy and recovery, and supporting mind/body homeostasis. Consequently I never got the advice or encouragement I needed to care for myself for the long haul. I put in a lot of effort, sweat, blood, and determination in my training but there was another side to training that was merely paid lip service to by most of the people around me. It was simply due to ignorance. They just didn’t know any better.

I had practiced meditation and martial arts for many years and traditional yoga for just a few. But in the mid 90’s I was introduced to Taoist Male Energy Cultivation practices through a martial artist friend who saw that I was burning myself out. This introduction, plus my experience in Shiatsu school practicing body centered Eastern Medicine really helped to set me on the path to creating Meridian Touch for myself and for others to use in restoring themselves. The art and way of Meridian Touch turned out to dovetail nicely with my existing Zen and Taoist practices and it struck a deep chord within me. And that creation of Meridian Touch involved me borrowing from all of my life experiences in movement, sports, yoga, martial arts, personal training and more. I even borrowed from my background in music and engineering. And in bringing all of this knowledge and experience together, I then allowed my inner knowing to guide me in synthesizing Meridian Touch in a way I felt it could reach most people and serve their needs.

In the experience of Meridian Touch you are introduced to your stillness and your inner voice in a very natural and informal way that you most likely haven’t experienced in a traditional yoga or exercise class. Most of what you learned or experienced about stretching, exercise, and movement goes right out the window when you do Meridian Touch as you learn to move without force or assertiveness. You learn to move with awareness and that lets you begin to tap into your Ki energy (Life-force) and affect changes to your body/mind that other exercises just can’t give you. In practicing Meridian Touch you start to experience everything there is about you; physically, emotionally, psychologically and everything in between, and every combination thereof. This is because Meridian Touch is LIFE. And whether you’re doing Meridian Touch Effortless Yoga or the Sports Yoga version, it still comes back to the same universal energy principle; that all is One. And that is the secret of why Meridian Touch works so well!

In this personal 20 minute video you will see some informal interviews and some behind scenes conversations with healers, trainers and other about all that Meridian Touch is to them. Enjoy!