Holistic Fitness

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Adjective: Comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected, explicable only by reference to the whole

What Holistic Fitness Training Can Do for You

Holistic Fitness Training is not exactly a modality such as interval or plyometric training. It is a philosophy which can encompass most types of training as it is fluid, dynamic, and all inclusive in its nature. I use this philosophy to approach training from a holistic perspective that doesn’t simply focus on the narrow goals of weight loss, a stronger core, or self-defense skills. Instead, it opens up the training experience to a potentially wider variety of personal completeness that an individual brings to a session without even realizing it.

By blending my Eastern medicine practices, skills, and philosophy with the Western side of my training experience, I’m able to have a deeper and keener awareness of a client’s true needs and to flow with them as they arise. I harmonize and utilize other nontraditional training tools that affect a person’s exercise performance, giving them more complete, longer lasting, and meaningful results. The use of Chinese Yin/Yang philosophy and Five Element theory allow me to “read” the various life correspondences we all manifest, and to make recommendations and adjustments accordingly. A person’s work or home environment, emotional state, preference in colors, food cravings, and even reactions to the weather, give me profound clues and information that makes Holistic Fitness Training unique and satisfying.









The same surface work still gets done at the end of the day and the results are truly there: slimmer thighs, more flexibility and strength, a higher vertical leap, a stronger core, better cardio, etc. However, because we integrated more of who you truly are into your workout, you begin to transcend the mere doing of exercise for the sake of exercise, and you come to experience a greater awareness of being more fully yourself and more connected to life.

What to Expect from Your First Holistic Fitness Training Session

It’s no big mystery and it’s nothing trippy. Getting started in HFT is as simple as letting me know what it is you are wanting to change or accomplish in your life. Most people come with the standard requests of improving their health or their looks, others come wanting to improve their performance in a sport or activity, some even come with the desire to be more confident or assertive which is all possible with HFT. We simply start with a direction or “vector” in which you want to go – for example, developing more core strength. As we begin our first session, I will do a movement assessment on you in “real time.” This basically means I’m assessing you as I’m training you, and I’m training you as I’m assessing you. As we do this we have already started working towards the changes you told me you want to manifest.

Getting back to our example, training the core for one person may not be what it is for the next. Doing rote exercises “designed to strengthen the core” may not be the way to go right off the bat. For instance, there could be other musculo-skeletal issues that preclude us doing the core right away, or there could be energetic imbalances in the body that need to be addressed first. Sometimes a person’s perspectives, expectations and feelings have an equal or greater need for attention, which isn’t the same as getting a good sweat or feeling your muscles burn. My holistic approach to movement and exercise is not a cookie cutter format where I put you through a series of scientifically determined “correct” exercises for your situation. The Holistic approach includes the western as well as the eastern and does not turn its back on good science. I use science in the service of the “whole” you, not to control and command only your “parts.” You can be assured that your whole person will be taken into account as we grow forward in reaching your health and exercise goals and potential.

The Origin of “Holistic Fitness Artist”

My experience and practice in the movement, martial, and healing arts for over the past 20 years has led to the amalgamation of my training and teaching styles birthing a new approach to personal training that is deeply my own. Many years ago at the suggestion of my then client, author and Life Coach Rhonda Britten, founder of the Fearless Living Institute, I created a new name for what I do.


She had made mention to me during one of our sessions that she felt I had mastery over several different modalities of health and fitness and that the title of “Personal Trainer” seemed somewhat inadequate. It didn’t take long for me to create the title Holistic Fitness Artist for myself as it encapsulates all that I do and all of my expressions, from the scientific to the spiritual.