Sports Yoga

Faster recovery and injury prevention done effortlessly.


Initially the term “Sports Yoga” can conjure images in the mind of a room full of determined people, straining and fighting and doing their best to master the challenging patterns put before them by an equally determined sports yoga instructor. Or a room of fit athletes who possess levels of strength and balance that will assist them in getting through the arduous task of their doing their “sports yoga class”, afterwards walking out with a good sweat going, and commenting to each other “what a good workout that was!” But in Meridian Touch Sports Yoga this scenario couldn’t be further from the truth. And that truth being that pushing and challenging the body ARE NOT the only ways to effect positive change in the body. Whether that change is weight loss, improved flexibility and range of motion, more strength and endurance, quicker reaction times or whatever, there is another way, a very necessary way especially in our current fitness landscape, and it has been practiced for more than 3000 years.


The Championship Women’s Tennis Team at the University of Illinois Chicago performing MTSY

Meridian Touch Sports Yoga is quite different than what most people understand to be yoga in the U.S. It even challenges the thoughts and practices of what “exercise” is supposed to be and to entail; and that being a philosophy ofsweat, burn, and effort. Following this line of thinking brings people to more burnout, injury, and dissatisfaction in exercise than any other factor. Most athletic stretching has for many years followed the basic principle of using force or pressure in order to create flexibility. In the east this has not been so where the creation of a healthy “supple” body depends on ones capacity to relax, versus how intensely one stretches. Meridian Touch Sports Yoga uses this Eastern Medicine principle to achieve these results.

By using effortless movement, acu-point stimulation, and supportive touch, athletes and exercisers can create a flexible body, a relaxed mind, heightened body awareness, and experience faster recovery than thought possible. According to Eastern Medicine teachings, Ki (life-force) energy travels through energy pathways in the body called “meridians”. These meridians control all the functions of the muscles, organs, body movement and much more. The quality, amount, and flow of this Ki, which also controls blood circulation, determines ones flexibility of body and mind and regulates the health and performance of the body. Meridian Touch Sports Yoga allows one to re-open and balance this energy flow quickly, providing immediate results.


The Men’s Basketball Team at the University of Illinois Chicago performing MTSY

The results and testimonials I have obtained from exercisers and athletes using Meridian Touch Sports Yoga speak for themselves. And remember this art is NOT just for athletes. It’s for everyone regardless of age, condition or goals. It’s for anyone desiring a natural way to improve health, movement performance, and recovery from training, accident or illness. The main difference between Meridian Touch Sports Yoga and Meridian Touch Effortless Yoga is its focus. They are equally gentle, equally enjoyable, equally effective and run equally deep. They run as deep as you allow them to work for you. Try Meridian Touch Sports Yoga for yourself, your group, team, club etc. No matter what your activity, MTSY will give you relaxed energy you need to recover faster, perform better, move more freely, and increase body awareness, all with effortless effort while feeling good!

For serious individuals and groups


Darryl with the Northwestern University Men’s Varsity Crew Team

If you want or need a complete training, recovery and maintenance package, we offer the Meridian Touch Sports Yoga Program – Eastern Sports Medicine for the Dedicated Athlete. This program is built on the foundations of the effective techniques of MTSY, but adds to it other Eastern Medicine Sports modalities used for greater results in performance enhancement, recovery, pain control and maintenance plus more. You will be taught and trained in the how and why of caring for the body using the eastern healing methods of Moxibustion, Herbal Plasters, Acupressure, and Herbal Liniments. At the heart of Eastern Sports Medicine is a philosophy that one should “allow the returning” of the body to a state of balance, harmony, and homeostasis. In other words, the idea is to help the body recover through natural processes that do no harm and enhance the entire person’s healing capacity. An athlete cannot perform their best if he or she is over trained, exhausted or injured, no matter how skillful or strong they are.

The Meridian Touch Sports Yoga program, if followed regularly, guarantees that an athlete will recover quickly and without the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals, cortisone shots and over icing of injures, all of which weaken the body over time and almost guarantee re-injury. Through five very simple no cost/low cost modalities, athletes can take better care of themselves and assist in their injury, training, and event recovery. The value of this program is way beyond the measure of better exercising capacity and more athleticism as one learns more of themselves and their connection to the world around them beyond the confines of the playing field or the health club.

Darryl is available for Meridian Touch private and group session at Nimble Studio in Union Square, New York City.