The Art of Meridian Touch

Meridian Touch™, sometimes called the “Art of Letting Go”, is a new way to look at total health and well-being from a very old perspective. Thousands of years old in fact. Created by Darryl Aiken-Afam, Meridian Touch is a form of Chinese Medicine based yoga that has “no form,” meaning the performance and mimicking of postures, poses, or Asanas is secondary to one’s moving naturally and assuming a shape which allows a person to relax and let their body find its own way. The releasing movements of Meridian Touch are based directly on the final work of the great Japanese Zen Shiatsu pioneer Shizuto Masunaga, founder of the Iokai Shiatsu Center in Tokyo, Japan. His work, in turn, was directly based on the ancient Chinese yogic exercise system called Dao-In, the exercise system that was the forerunner to Tai Chi Chuan.


The movements are simple and pleasant to do. They are based on the Five Elements theory of Chinese Medicine; Metal, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wood. Each element contains its own movements designed to relax and activate the meridians of the body creating and allowing a better flow of “Ki” (“Chi” in Chinese) energy and blood. Meridians are the lines or rivers of energy that run throughout the body where the majority of acupuncture points are found. These are the same points used by Acupuncturists, Shiatsu practitioners and other healers to treat people for a wide variety of reasons and conditions. Ki energy is the life-force energy said to flow in everyone and everything in the universe. It is the condition and movement of this Ki within one’s mind/body that determines one’s health, psychological well-being, physical performance, emotional make up and so on.

The “Touch” technique used in Meridian Touch is a form of compassionate, symbiotic supporting touch that benefits both the giver and receiver. It helps each person relax and encourages the releasing of tension and increases Ki flow throughout the body. Unlike other partner types of stretching, the touch of Meridian Touch is almost effortless as each person “melts” into the touch of each other. The idea is not to help another person to stretch, but to encourage both partners to relax together.

The effects that can be derived from Meridian Touch are truly amazing and can serve an extremely wide variety of people’s needs. This is because the system follows the Chinese philosophy of a universal oneness that creates all things and sustains all things, better known as the Tao (Pronounced Dao). In the view of Eastern Medicine, the forces of Yin and Yang are said to have come together from the Tao to create everything in existence. Therefore, the dancer or athlete wanting more flexibility or performance gains, the arthritic housewife looking for some relief, the “30 something” Wall Street trader stressed to the max, the post-surgery car accident victim wanting to hasten her healing, can ALL find some of what they need in Meridian Touch, because that desire and need for wholeness comes from the same source, the Tao. And this is where we ”play”, heal and transform ourselves in Meridian Touch.